Acro Trip

Acro Trip

Season: Fall 2024 Anime
Studios: Voil
Type: TV
Release date: October 2024
Kind: Anime
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Chizuko, who visited her grandfather, met Berry Blossom, a magical girl protecting the town, and quickly became fascinated.
However, the attacks by Chrome, the leader of the evil organization "Fossa Magna," were so lackluster that the battle between the two was not impressive at all. Yearning for more of Berry's heroics, Chizuko's frustration grew...
"I want to make the magical girl shine more... Make her stronger, give her a real challenge!" This desire (?) leads the timid girl down a path of evil.

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Voice Actors

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Mashirou: Kengo Kawanishi
Chizuko Date: Miku Itou
Chrome: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Berry Blossom: Inori Minase


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