Pseudo Harem

Pseudo Harem

疑似ハーレム, Giji Harem
Studios: Nomad
Type: TV
Release date: July 5, 2024
Kind: Anime
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There's only one heroine! But, a harem???
Theater club senior Eiji Kitahama, who longs for a harem situation like in the manga,
and Rin Nanakura, who ends up playing "characters" in front of her secretly admired senior.
Tsundere, little devil, spoiled child,
cool girl, demure girl.
The more characters she plays, the more uncontrollable her feelings for her senior become.
Will the day come when Rin, in front of the somewhat foolish and quite dense Eiji,
can convey her feelings as her true self...?

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Voice Actors

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Rin Nanakura: Saori Hayami
Eiji Kitahama: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Ayaka Nanakura: Mai Narumi
Tsuguto Iwata: Kouji Yusa
Megu: Maria Abo
Kiri Shirasawa: Minako Satou


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