Gimai Seikatsu
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Gimai Seikatsu

義妹生活, Gimai Seikatsu, Gimai Seikatsu
Studios: Studio DEEN
Type: TV
Release date: not yet
Kind: Anime
English name: Gimai Seikatsu
Romaji name: Gimai Seikatsu
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High school student Yūta Asamura begins living under the same roof with his same-aged step-sister Saki Ayase and her mother Akiko following his father Taichi's remarriage. Both having experienced their parents' discord and divorce, they hold cautious views on relationships between men and women, and promise to maintain an appropriate distance as step-siblings.
"I don't expect anything from you, so I hope you don't expect anything from me either."
By sharing their thoughts and aligning their feelings, Yūta and Saki come to understand each other.
Just as they start to feel comfortable in their new life, their relationship begins to change slowly but surely...
This is a story that might someday lead to love.
From "strangers" to "family," and beyond.
A romance story reflecting the gradually changing days.

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