Yori Asanagi
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Yori Asanagi

朝凪 依(あさなぎ より), Yori Asanagi, 朝凪依
Gender: Female
Original Name: 朝凪 依(あさなぎ より)


The other protagonist of this work is a high school senior, born on November 26th, with blood type A. He fell in love at first sight with Himari and experienced his first love. After school, he enjoys singing alone, such as playing the guitar on the rooftop. He wears glasses during class. He can't resist cat-themed goods and often ends up accepting unreasonable requests if they involve cat items. He confessed to Himari on their first date, but Himari was bewildered by the sudden confession. Yori decided to win her over with a live performance and resolved to form a band with Aki and the others. As the band continued, he found fulfillment in performing with his friends and decided to keep the band going.

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