Lloyd de Saloum
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Lloyd de Saloum

ロイド=ディ=サルーム, Lloyd de Saloum, 洛伊德=迪=沙鲁姆
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Original Name: ロイド=ディ=サルーム
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The protagonist. The seventh prince of the Saloum Kingdom's royal family. A reincarnated individual who retains the memories of his previous life as a magician and grows up with them. Despite being only 10 years old, he possesses vast knowledge of magic and has the power to destroy and penetrate the dimensional barrier that turns everything it touches to dust, due to his excessive magical power. He has no interest in succession to the throne, women, or romance; all his actions and desires are solely focused on researching and mastering his beloved magic.

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