The Fable
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The Fable

ザ・ファブル, The Fable, The Fable
Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama
Type: TV
Release date: April 7, 2024
Episodes: 25
Kind: Anime
English name: The Fable
Romaji name: The Fable
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From a young age, he was trained to be an assassin, capable of elegantly dispatching any enemy within 6 seconds,
An invincible genius of murder, known as "Fable".
One day, he receives a sudden order from the boss of the organization:
"You must not kill anyone for one year."
Following this order, he begins to lead a completely new life without killing.
Calling himself Fable, he experiences an ordinary life for the first time as a professional.
However, amidst the peaceful daily life, a disturbing presence refuses to leave Fable alone...
Can he truly complete this most difficult and greatest mission!?

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