Gawain Nanaumi

Gawain Nanaumi

ガウェイン・七海( - ななうみ), 七海贾温
Gender: Male


The protagonist of this work is enrolled at the Japanese branch of Camelot Academy (unranked → Class C). Born in Fukushima, he is a cheerful half-Japanese with a strong regional accent and is in 4th grade of elementary school. His nickname is "Punisuke." He idolized home run hitters and dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player to become the home run king. By chance, he meets Kiria Noshino, a female professional golfer visiting his hometown, and becomes fascinated by golf, which can far surpass the distances of baseball. The Fukushima dialect spoken in the story is famously native, being rarely found in other manga, even in Fukushima Prefecture, where the dialect is mostly limited to speakers in the environs of the Abukuma Highlands.
In his first shot, he achieves an astonishing distance exceeding 300 yards, and during the Camelot Cup, he develops a gift called "Rising Impact (Sunlight Trail)" which allows him to consistently hit around 450 yards. He can also perform an "Explosion Spin" which, after landing with backspin, digs into the green and bounces forcefully back. However, this skill allows him to mostly ignore the line and aim for the cup, though it severely limits his control, allowing nearly only straight shots.
He is a genius golfer who can play a round in an astonishing 21-under par, the son of golfer Wouzel Phoenix and club maker Nanaumi Daizo's daughter, Emiko Nanaumi. His mother Emiko died shortly after his birth, and he was raised by his grandfather Daizo thereafter.
During the Camelot Cup's individual competition at the 11th hole, he temporarily awakens his abilities after being hit in the head by Percival's golf ball, significantly recovering his score. When awakened, his eyes lose their luster like Wouzel's, and he plays aggressively. This awakened state is referred to as "Gawain Phoenix" in the story.
Although depicted only during the conversations between the Sun and Goodness, he scored 8-under-par on both the first and second days of the Grail Match (and 1-under-par due to diarrhea on the third day), and it seems he consistently achieves top-level scores as depicted in the latter half of the main story. However, after breaking his rib in a fight with Arloa on the third day, he still manages to score 20-under-par on the final day, suggesting that without his physical ailments, he could have scored almost the same as Lancelot from day one, and if fully awakened, could have potentially scored around 80-under-par.
He is extremely skilled at drawing portraits, which is explained in a bonus manga within the volume as being because his mother Emiko was a painter.
Years later, he becomes the world's number one ranked athlete golfer. He marries Kiria and has a son.
Appears in "Mismatched Lovers," serialized in "Weekly Shonen Champion," as the uncle (more accurately, great-uncle) of a character named Balin from Avalon Academy. It was Gawain who taught Balin the Fukushima dialect.
Average driver distance: 440Y
Average putts per round: 1.9
Best score: -20



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