Lancelot Norman

Lancelot Norman

ランスロット・ノーマン, 兰斯洛特·诺曼
Gender: Male


A genius at putting. Gawain's best friend, and also his lifelong rival. A handsome man with a quiet and easy-going personality. His androgynous features often lead to him being mistaken for a female at first glance. He possesses the gift "Shining Road (Guidance of the Moon)", which makes the line of his putt shine and gleam. He's capable of sinking a putt from as far as 70 yards in a single stroke, not just on the green.
He teaches Gawain the doctrines of golf. After proceeding to middle school, feeling frustrated with his surroundings for lacking the spirit to challenge him, he transfers to Camelot Academy just before the Camelot Cup. Since the selection exams had already finished, he makes an unreasonable request to be allowed to participate. Mika Kuromine, who also excels in putting, accepts the challenge out of pride, and after a putting contest, he wins the right to participate by beating her. In the Camelot Cup's individual competition, although his pride is shattered by Tristan's overwhelming performance, he is encouraged and revived by an awakened Gawain, and even manages to compete equally with Tristan from the midway point. However, due to a disappointing result in the final individual competition and forcing his participation despite circumstances, he widens the gap with other junior high students upon returning home. After losing to Gawain in a subsequent competition, revealing his inner thoughts of wanting to remain rivals with his dear friend, it suggests that had the series continued, he might have willingly moved to the Grail side.
Born in England. Normally reserved, but always smiles around his sister Kajeri, leading Kiria to tease him for being a siscon, a label he boldly accepts. He's also kind to Kurumi, who frequently visits his sister, and holds her dear (as mentioned in the bonus pages of the manga).
Several years later, he has overcome his lack of power, becoming the world's number 2 ranked golfer. He marries Kurumi Noshino and has a daughter.
Average driver distance: 230Y
Average number of putts: 1.0
Best score: -10



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