Hotaru Hinase
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Hotaru Hinase

日生 ほたる(ひなせ ほたる), Hotaru Hinase, 日生萤
Gender: Female
Original Name: 日生 ほたる(ひなせ ほたる)
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The protagonist. A first-year student at Yuzukizaki High School. Birthday is December 24th. She didn't know the feeling of being in love until she met Hananoi-kun. She cherishes a star-shaped pin given by her family. She loves eating and dreams of conquering foods from around the world. She is serious about discussing relationship policies and is weak against irregular situations. She has a trauma from hurting a friend during her elementary school days. She thinks short hair is easier to shampoo, but cannot grow her hair long due to a past incident. She is not good at sports and once had a major fall at a skating rink. She had never winked until she showed Hananoi-kun and can't do it well. She is not good with scary movies. She is proud of her robust health, having never missed school due to illness, and wishes to grow taller.

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