Keigo Kurata
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Keigo Kurata

倉田 圭悟(くらた けいご), Keigo Kurata, 仓田圭悟
Gender: Male
Original Name: 倉田 圭悟(くらた けいご)


Hibiki's boyfriend. Hibiki calls him Kei-chan.
In the same class as Hananoi-kun. A member of the basketball team, he became a regular player in his first year, which made his relationship with his seniors a bit awkward. He went to the same junior high school as Hotaru.
He has a personality that deliberately doesn't read the room.
He realized he liked her after Hibiki confessed and they kissed, so he advised Hotaru that "you'll know if you like someone if you get close to their face."
He has a large Golden Retriever. He doesn't like tapioca.

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