Saki Hananoi
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Saki Hananoi

花野井 颯生(はなのい さき), Saki Hananoi, 花野井飒生
Gender: Male
Original Name: 花野井 颯生(はなのい さき)


A handsome guy from the class next to Hotaru. According to Kyō-chan, "Both his brains and looks have a deviation value over 80." Although his actual deviation value isn't 80, he did study during his middle school days. He's good at teaching studies. He worked hard on his studies because he wanted to go abroad in the past, so he's good at English.
His birthday is April 6th.
He tries to match the other person, thinks "It would be happiness to end up in the same grave," and although he didn't show it to Hotaru, he wrote "I want you to be mine alone" in his notebook, showing his heavy love. He believes "It's enough to have just one important person."
He wears earrings in both ears. He usually wears contact lenses.
He likes books and reads anything. There are many books in his room. He started using a book cover after receiving it as a gift from Hotaru on his birthday.
When waiting for Hotaru, he reads a book. He was happy when Hotaru was waiting for him first because he had never been made to wait at a rendezvous before.
His parents are doctors and often abroad, so he spends time alone at home except when his grandmother comes to check on him on weekends. He lives in an apartment.
The first gift he received from Hotaru was a children's scarf given on Christmas.
When he was in elementary school, he was short and a child who couldn't talk to strangers. He transferred schools in the middle of elementary school.
He had never tried making sweets and failed when he tried for the first time during Valentine's.
He is indifferent to food, and his grandmother once caught him eating frozen bread.
Before dating Hotaru, he had experience working part-time.
During his middle school days, he lived in a dormitory and ran long distances in the track and field club to build stamina.

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